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Founded in 2020 with a goal to revolutionize the education sector, Poornatah is a brand designed to help students learn from industry leaders and provide them with practical experience. Our goal is to provide students with a platform that gives them space to grow their knowledge while also working on their skills and practical experience. With innovative pedagogy strategies, our educational modules are designed to engage the learners’ minds and encourage them to brainstorm ideas outside the box.

As times are changing, we cannot keep education constant and expect students to perform well in a technological world. It has become vital to focus on transforming education methodologies in order to craft a better future for the children and the nation as a whole. With our creative methods, we focus on building a system where students and their parents can feel confident in their future, where students won’t have to question whether what they’re studying will help them in the future or not. Moreover, following a skill-based education will help them get ahead of the curve and allow them to be confident in the career they pursue.

Since the implementation of the NEP 2020, the government’s focus on education has changed by a significant standard. Instead of being purely focused on classroom learning and examinations, the Department of Education, Government of India, has also placed focus on the skill-based education of students. This has introduced several skill-based vocational courses into school systems that are designed to help students get career-ready from an early age.

In order to provide children with a platform that gives them an edge in this skill-based education, Poornatah has partnered with various universities to bring high quality skill-based education modules. Moreover, since the modules are facilitated by industry professionals, Poornatah brings an undisputed advantage to students.

Our Mission

Poornatah was established to combat the lack of skills in today’s youth by providing high-quality skill development directly from industry experts in the fields. The skill programs supplement the traditional education of the child and provides them with a platform to be industry-ready at the start of their career.

Our Vision

Poornatah’s vision is to provide excellent skill-based education to children across India and ensure a successful career for them.

Our Parent Company

Poornatah was established under the umbrella of Urbantract India Private Limited (Est, 2018). Since its inception, the firm has served over a hundred corporate clients and established itself as a significant player in the digital marketing sector. From 2021 onwards, the firm shifted towards outsourcing the digital marketing work and began to pave its way into the education sector.

It has two subsidiaries:

1. Poornatah – An education firm revolutionizing skill-based education.
2. Poornatah Bulletin – An education focused monthly magazine and media firm

Mr Devansh S Bhatt

Devansh is the CEO and Director of Urbantract India Private Limited and is an expert in Sales and Marketing. He is an experienced speaker and digital marketer who is renowned for his Youth talks and facilitation. Since 2015, Devansh has been in the field of marketing and sales, and is an entrepreneur since 2018. Knowing the value of a good education from the start, he has spoken about the subject in several places including the Youth Parliament. He has also founded a youth organization , Shining Youth Foundation ( SYF ) in 2017. Devansh is Co Founder ,CEO of Poornatah Education ,Poornatah Media.

Mr Devansh S Bhatt

Devasheesh is the COO and Director of Urbantract India Private Limited. With an educational background of Software engineering, Law and MBA he is an experienced digital marketer as well as a established brand and educational consultant.

He is inclined towards mental well being of students with a keen interest towards social causes, art and poetry
which takes most of his time off work.
As someone who understands the value of skill-based education, he co-founded Poornatah to help provide
value and skill based learning to children across the nation. Devasheesh is also famous for his public talks in
Youth Parliaments, workshops, and conferences.

Our Founders

Connecting Creators with Learners

Centre for Foreign Languages and Digital Marketing

The Centre for Foreign Languages and Digital Marketing was established by Poornatah to provide students with a credible platform for learning foreign languages. As the world has started becoming more globally connected, learning foreign languages has become crucial to the success of students in their future careers. As many of the students will be taking their jobs abroad, they would need to know foreign languages to interact with the local population and establish a reputable career.

Moreover, languages such as French and German have had an enormous impact on the corporate world and knowing them can help students climb up the corporate ladder faster than their colleagues. As such, it is an extremely beneficial skill for one to possess and will go a long way in the skill development of your child.

Our centre provides education in foreign languages such as French, German, and Spanish and provides this education in collaboration with St. John’s College, Agra.Based in St. John’s College, the centre also teaches students the essential skill of digital marketing, which has become absolutely indispensable in the modern world.

Poornatah Skill Courses

At Poornatah, we provide education in over 150 vocational courses that are made with the approval of various universities following the NEP 2020. Currently, our main partners are Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra, and Raja Mahindra Pratap Singh University, Aligarh. These skill courses include computer basics, e- commerce, digital marketing, Tourism and heritage management, and banking, among others, and are taught by industry leaders in the field. As a result, students get the proper exposure from the start and can rely on the knowledge learnt to serve them well during their careers.Our facilities are in over 50 colleges, and we currently provide skill learning to over 15,000 students.

Poornatah Career Counselling

At Poornatah, we understand the importance of decisions placed on the shoulders of today’s children. The simple act of choosing a subject in school can make the difference between a successful and fulfilling career experience and one that isn’t as positive. As such, we provide our students with career counselling to aid their decision-making for the future. This ensures that students are capable of making the right decision for their future. Moreover, since students are given opportunities to learn directly from industry leaders in a practical approach, they can experiment and decide whether the career they are choosing is right for them or not. All-in- all, our education platform has helped education become a lot more gratifying for students of every age group.

Vision of Poornatah

We believe in the power of community learning which helps each other to grow, so building a creative space in the form of community where people learn, create, reshape, rebuild their potentials. The vision of Poornatah is to transform learning and bringing it on technology and making the young minds efficient enough to use the technology and improve their skill set. The vision of Poornatah is to to not only inculcate knowledge and education in students but also to provide them a platform where they can come out of their shelves and communicate with people belonging to different communities. We at Poornatah believe that learning happens when shared, therefore we build a community where people can acquire and share their knowledge with each other.

Mission of Poornatah

The way that leads to accomplishment of Vision of any company starts from its mission. The mission of Poornatah is to provide a platform to millions of people to take the initiative of self-study, to promote active, authentic and collaborative learning. To formulate the community of like-minded people that can help each other to grow. To help in transforming and converting learners to creators and to ensure people who have joined our journey to be self-sufficient in their lives.

Benefits of being a part of Poornatah

Joining a community like Poornatah, will prove to be beneficial to all the learners in the long run as well as in the short run. Poornatah sets a platform for people across the globe where they can learn and develop by sitting in the comfort places of their homes. Some of the benefits which Poornatah assures you are :

The Community of like-minded people

Experts for career guidance

Internship opportunity to work in a realistic environment

More confident

Clear goals

Sharpen observation skills

Learn in your convenience hours

Expanded network with people

Interaction with industry experts

Virtual Parties and Gatherings

Access to live sessions and seminars

Courses available in English and Hindi Language

Founders of Poornatah

Poornatah is a venture of UrbanTract India Pvt. Ltd. UrbanTract India Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2018 as a startup in the field of Media, Marketing and Education. In its just 2 years of establishment, UrbanTract India Pvt. Ltd. has served and connected with many corporate clients and has earned some laurels too. The visionaries behind bringing Poornatah on board are:

Devansh S Bhatt
Mr. Devansh S Bhatt

(CEO- UrbanTract India Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Devasheesh Sharma

( COO- UrbanTract India Pvt. Ltd.)

Sajal Garg

Mr. Sajal Garg

(Director- Poornatah)

Yashwi Gupta

Ms. Yashwi Gupta

(President- Poornatah)

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