Resume: The path-way to the first Job


Applying for a job is always a matter of concern and tension. About 90% of the students pass through this phase where they have to stand out of the crowd and make themselves efficient enough to be employed in a good company. Applying for a job and passing various tests and interviews is not easy as it motivates you as well as demotivates you at many stages but all that you have to understand is that at the end of the day you will be a better place that is made for you. 

The Resume is said to be the pathway to the first job as well as other frequent jobs too but for the first job, the resume plays a vital role as it is through the resume you get selected for the further rounds of the selection process in a job. Drafting a good resume is very important as one mistake can cause great harm to you. There are certain do’s and don’t which one should keep in mind while framing a resume. The Resume is a short description of oneself to job providers. One wrong mistake or detail in the resume can take your job from you. 

What is a Resume?

Most of us know, what a resume is but drafting and creating a perfect resume for ourselves becomes very difficult as we do not know exactly that what would attract the job provider and what all details should we provide in the resume to make it look, impressive recruiters. 

A resume is a formal document that exhibits your educational qualifications as well as professional journey. A resume is generally paired up with a cover letter that gives clarity to the recruiter that with what you are good at and what kind of work you are looking for in the company. A resume gives a snapshot of your education, previous jobs or internships (if any), skills, achievements, and much more. 

What is the purpose of a resume?

A resume is must be made before applying for any job. Generally, the selection process starts with shortlisting of a resume. If you do not have a resume, it becomes difficult to apply for the job at first instance. The purpose of making a resume is as follows:

  • Makes you ready for the interview: A resume is a statement given from your side about your educational qualifications and professional life and your skills and knowledge. Submitting a resume prepares you for an interview as most of the questions in a preliminary interview are asked from the statements given by you in your resume. Therefore, you have to be sure about what you are mentioning in your resume as it is questionable by the interviewer. 
  • Makes you ready for job hunting: You never know when you have to look out for a first job or maybe some other job, having an updated resume make you ready for job hunting as you can upload your updated resume in different portals and can improvise your job hunting in a better way.
  • Creates an impression of you: A resume always create a first impression of you on the recruiter as well as the interviewer therefore you have to make sure that you showcase yourself in the resume in such a way that recruiters are bound to think that you are the one and give you a chance to be interviewed.

What are the contents of the resume?

We usually land up into confusion as to what should be included in the resume when we are making the resume for the very first time. There could be many things that you can mention in your resume but you have to be sure that they turn out to be best for you. Some of the contents of the resume are as follows:

  • Contact Details: The contact details include your first name and last name, address, email address, contact numbers, LinkedIn profile. These details are given so that the recruiter can get back to you if you are shortlisted for a further selection process.
  • Introduction: As the title suggests itself, an introduction of oneself includes your career objectives, your professional profile.
  • Educational profile: Educational profile includes your high school, intermediate, graduation, and post-graduation details along with the school and colleges you have pursued from, years of passing out, and the percentages of the same. 
  • Experience: Experience talks about the professional experience that you had in past years. If this is the first job that you are applying for then you can mention the internships that you have taken or instead of experience you can mention the research projects that you might have done in the past years.
  • Skills: Skills talk about the hard and soft skills that you have that make chances of you getting employed high. Hard skills include some IT skills like Advance excel, python, C++, Tableau, and much more whereas soft skills include being good at time management, being a good leader, etc.

These are certain things that are needed to be added to the resume to make it look impressive and eye-catching to the recruiter. If you are willing to make a resume you can also reach out to Poornatah where creators guide you to make a perfect resume.

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