E-Learning: Revolutionizing the pattern of education

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The year has turned up to be a space for e-learning. Not only the year but this decade has witnessed the faster movement or shift from classroom learning to e-learning. E-learning has become essential due to many reasons in today’s time. E-learning has revolutionized the pattern of education. There are some harsh and some good truth and realities of e-learning which has made it both bane and boon for society.

One needs to know that whether e-learning is serving to be beneficial or bad to them in these modern times. Ed-tech has made itself to be the highest-earning platform in the last year thus debugging the loopholes of offline learning. The age-old platforms of ed-tech have pushed up their profits and along with it many new ed-techs also entered the market seeing the profitable possibilities existing in the market. E-learning has become the future of education in this era. Students are now willingly shifting to the online mode of learning from offline mode because of the flexibility in learning and multiple platforms to learn from.

How E-learning has revolutionized the pattern of education


E-learning has been said to revolutionize the pattern of education due to many reasons that it imposes. According to the Babson Survey Research Group, about 30% of students of the US take an additional course online to increase their skillset and be more employable as compared to students of other countries. Let us know how E-learning has revolutionized the pattern of education:

  1. Access to multiple courses: E-learning offers multiple courses to grab and improvising the skills and knowledge of a person. One can pick up and choose any course which they want to learn and seem to be good for them.  Poornatah offers many online courses like digital marketing, photography, content writing that enhance one’s abilities.
  2. Ease of progressing: E-learning makes learning easy and progressive as you have access to a number of sources to learn from at your convenience and ease and also you can monitor your progress via online tests that are designed to test your understanding of the course. Poornatah makes sure that learners go through the test and report card progress sheets to know their progress in the subject.
  3. Increased Skill Set: E-learning has increased the skill set of the learners that have led to a revolution in the form of education as students are now not only concerned with the school syllabus or curriculum but they are pushing themselves to learn something few which may add spice to their resumes and their caliber.
  4. Reduced usage of papers: Isn’t it great that e-learning has not only revolutionized education but has also been proving to be good enough in the protection of the environment as through e-learning the usage of papers has lower down which indirectly protects our environment to a greater extent as there is reduced cutting of trees for papers. Poornatah displays notes and study material online that can be accessed through any communication device like mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  5. More focus on individual students: Nowadays, these e-learning platforms have become so focused on individual students which were practically impossible in the case of the offline mode of learning as in offline mode single teacher has to focus on a bunch of students whereas in the case of e-learning single tutor focuses on individual student thus revolutionizing the pattern of education.

Poornatah is one such platform that offers good courses at cost-efficient rates along with opportunities to do virtual parties and get internships and placements in various companies with which they have collaborated with as well as other companies.

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