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digital marketing

Marketing has always been one of the major factors behind the rise or downfall of any company. Companies spend huge bucks on designing their marketing campaigns and executing them and it literally takes few hours to that marketing campaign to either bring profits to the company or bad name to the company. With the technology advancement, the scope of digital marketing has expanded incredibly. Nowadays, companies prefer digital marketing over billboards or banners or advertisements in newspapers as there reach is limited and they are costly too. Digital Marketing has become more convenient and accessible to the companies as well as to the audience.

Digital Marketing holds immense power to manipulate the ideas, thoughts, perception of the audience. It is through digital marketing that the audience purchases even those products or services which they had no need of but the digital marketing pushed them to buy it. As said, digital marketing has become the new need of the hour for the companies. Apart from this, digital marketing has become a key demand profession for individuals. Digital marketing has emerged as the fastest mean of promotion and marketing reaching out to a wider audience.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken an edge over traditional marketing since the higher advancement of technology. There are many benefits which digital marketing holds, some of them are:

  • Reach to a wider audience: When any marketing campaign is carried online it has more reach as compared to the traditional marketing approach. Through billboards, pamphlets you can reach out to a selective audience but with digital marketing you can reach out to a wider audience as well as your target audience.
  • It is cost effective: One of the biggest advantage of digital marketing is that it is cost effective. Traditional marketing involves advertisement on radio, billboards, banners etc. that is not always within the reach of small or medium size businesses which possess a threat to them to be out of the market whereas digital marketing being cost effective gives them a fair opportunity to carry on their marketing activities on internet.
  • Digital Marketing is measurable: A digital marketer can always measure the results of digital marketing. When you invest money in digital marketing, you will always wish to know the results of the same. There are certain tracking systems that help you in tracking the benefits of digital marketing strategy. Some of them are- shares, conversions, clicks, comments etc.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing possesses certain disadvantages too. These disadvantages often take people away from opting digital marketing strategies. Some of the disadvantages of digital marketing are as follows:

  • Dependability on Technology: Technology changes very fast and becomes abruptive and in that case depending o technology for marketing campaigns is not the right thing to do.
  • Worldwide competition: Digital marketing has become a worldwide competition for the companies as everyone is in competition to come up with best marketing campaign as compared to others.
  • Higher transparency of pricing: One cannot do manipulation in prices of the products online as everything is present online and with multiple sellers therefore if you manipulate with the prices and keep them high, your marketing campaign is bound to fail.

Courses of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a profession for many. Moreover, people are now pursuing certain marketing courses to become expert in digital marketing. There are many online platforms that provide variety of digital marketing courses at a very less or no cost along with certifications. The different paid and unpaid digital marketing courses that are available are:

  • Adwords certification
  • Analytics certification
  • Digital Marketing masterclass
  • Digital marketing specialization
  • Inbound certification
  • Email marketing
  • Click minded SEO Specialist
  • Facebook ad certification
  • Digital marketing and communications
  • Bing ads certification
  • Google digital marketing course
  • Content writing course
  • SEO and SMO Specialization course

The scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day. Also, the cost involved in becoming a digital marketer is not that high. One can practice digital marketing himself or herself by carrying out different marketing activities online. Marketing is evergreen and with that digital marketing adds spice to it as it is more convenient and accessible to audience.

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